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When DHL delivers

So I am waiting for my new debit card which is set for delivery today by DHL. Sometime today by end of the day they say. Breakfast is going to come by 11am or so I think. Let’s see if I get the card before or after. Supposed to be on the delivery vehicle now.

It does give me time to sit on the balcony and have a second room coffee. There’s never any hurry to things and when a thing is gonna come it will show up. I remember waiting in Vietnam for FedEX. The delivery guy texted me in Vietnamese that I would know he arrived when he got there. I always thought that was funny.

I have used DHL in Asia with pretty good results. If something would take 5 days it most often did.

It does give time to just sit on the balcony. Enjoy a more cloudy and cool morning. Watch the guys across the street work. They load up these trucks with stuff all morning and will soon depart for deliveries to businesses. Meanwhile I can consider a Monday here. I think a second coffee would be good. Then maybe DHL will deliver. I hope by midday. Decide to pick up this post on the MacBook Air. What a delightful little toy. I can't find the reason ever to get an iPad with this thing but I admit to casting a wanton look at the new basic iPad released or the new iPad mini 6. I think the mini 6 would be nice. Probably it will end up where I do one tech purchase and it most likely will be the iPhone 13 pro. No reason to get the Pro max phone because the cameras are no different now. Kind of underwhelming and I don't care for big phones.

Meanwhile still waiting for a call or text message in Spanish that my card delivery is gonna happen. Someone asked me how I would know. Well, I can speak a little Spanish and google translate works nice.

Patience is a virtue

I am not a patient person or an impatient person. I have no expectations of either any longer. Life is a lot easier to have none at all and just go. Kinda like the Vietnamese FedEX delivery guy told me up above I guess. When it arrives it gets there.

It is really hard to get old and either be patient or impatient. I think it is far better to have neither. Meanwhile the sun shines through some clouds and the little pink flowers dance around and voices drift here and there.

Someone asked me once,

what will you do next?

I was stumped by that question. It always seemed so daunting to have an answer. Like life is judged by next things. Next minutes or hours or days or years. Others maybe asked,

what did you do before?

Does it matter now? I dunno. I don't include it on my blog about page because what the hell relevance does it have? I am here now. What I might do or did do is of little concern compared to what I do now.

But right now I am waiting. Writing on my MacBook Air. Watching the little battery scale hardly ever move on it. This laptop is such a nice toy. I am so glad to have bought it in Hanoi when I did. I had an iPad Air before which I gave away along with the keyboard. It went to my friend P and his wife there. Mostly now their kids use it to play games and do online school.

Anyways, I am gonna stop now because if not I will just write more crap and I have to save up for later :-)

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