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Then there's breakfast

One of my favorite meals. Well, honestly, I like all the meals but breakfast has always seemed the best. I like waiting to later and here in PV, it is pretty easy to delay or dither until I really wish to go. Today back to a regular spot for their scrambled eggs and chorizo sitting next to wonderful frijoles and potatoes. The coffee is always good too and sitting at El Patio makes for a restful time with no rush to get me the food or to finish.

As usual the day is simply beautiful here. It started with some morning clouds but those soon saw the error of their ways so moved along elsewhere. There are little pink flowers out my balcony doors and the second cup of room coffee awaits my pleasure.

Often I start these posts and then decide it would be better over breakfast with the iPhone. I really truly love the writing experience with IAwriter over all others. I cannot do Ulysses. It wants to be too much. The app is good for short posts. What I want that IAwriter just does so well is something simple that will then take my posts to with no copying and pasting crap.

Yeah. Coffee, music, my MacBook Air M1 and me. I mentioned before how much I love this little computer. It just does everything and I particularly love the battery life, gorgeous screen, nicer keyboard than my 12 inch MacBook, and how many iPad apps just work on it. To me, just having all the apps would not work. I only want those with some thought and planning put into the work. I especially like Darkroom's approach to this. The app on my MacBook is gorgeous and made for apple silicon. And it don't cost no more $$.

So let's get back to breakfast. I mean what meal is any better? It always seems even if I had a lousy night or felt less than good that next morning, breakfast has this magical force to make it all better. I remember coming back from Vietnam without having American breakfasts for so long. Let me tell ya! The eggs and bacon and potatoes. Breakfast dudes. It is the meal. I can skip lunch but I really hate missing breakfast. Here in PV, late is okay. My friend in Can Tho Vietnam L jokes with me about the meal I am eating is not breakfast but brunch. I dunno. Vietnamese people are notably stubborn types so I just will do br...unch...

See ya down the blogging road.

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