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Night and beer

Had a good day. Met my friend J for the Art Walk and then we had dinner at a nice taco stand. Then back home and now sitting on the balcony with a cold Modelo beer. Lots of photos taken. Fun times. I love this one.

Something with the colors and attitude. This one was nice too I thought.

The tower and blue skies.

then home

Now sitting on the balcony. Feeling the good feeling after about 6 miles of walking today. Then cheap tacos and cold cold corona beers at Burrito Beach.

Now relax. Cooler evening. Music and time to me. Days are going by it seems. I lose track though and some days seems this wonderful and mystical thing. Sun shining. Clouds dancing the skies. Walking.

Wonderful. Life in no lane at all. The tacos and beer always good though.

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