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Easing into November

November is my last full month in Puerto Vallarta. On December 10th I relocate south to Merida for three months. I don’t have anything that really changes next month. I have just reached the point of enjoying the day to day. Going for walks. Taking photos. Eating. Drinking. Puerto Vallarta is one of those cities that is just easy to live in. Restaurants away from the tourist zone are plentiful and cheaper. Taco stands easy to find but I do like the local one down the street. She knows what I want so makes three asada tacos. There’s an oxxo store next to the stand so I can stop and get a coke or seven up. They have to also sell the coldest beer.

Someone asked me how safe it is. There are so many police officers here day and night wherever I go. It would be hard to feel threatened or unsafe. There are tourist police, military officers, traffic police. The tourist police are approachable for directions in English. Most patrol with weapons. Being a law abiding old retired guy I appreciate them. It all makes this city feel so very safe night and day.

People here are very social and friendly too. Where I live is away from the tourist zone yet close enough to walk there if I wish. The local scene is homes and small businesses and food. Lots of food.

A major difference is street food. In Asia and Vietnam specifically street food is all over. My friend T and I would go out for a beer and some stuff and we never went far. One place down the street had the most delicious duck with vermicelli noodles. Very hearty. Like eating a stew or something. Other places were satay and sandwiches and so much fresh fruit sold by street vendors. Amazing!

Anyways the days have all blended together and this place is very welcoming and easy to live how I like to live. The six month tourist visa is a blessing. Getting a temporary residence card is pretty easy but I don’t really think I will be here after next September. I do think I will be back for six months after a week in the US. Life is just that good here in Mexico. I would come back here too. I like this city a lot. It’s big and small. Local and international. Full of so many food choices. Wonderful people too.

Anyways that is how the end of October and start of November looks in blogspeak. Back to the balcony and my sunny morning.

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