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Beer and Halloween

As though I need some reason to drink more beer. I stopped earlier for a burger and had a few beers and then stopped at this place where they offer 2 for 1 price. So how could I refuse. Then there are all the kids and grown ups dressed up for Halloween. To sit and drink along the Malecon and watch everyone walk by. A joy of life.

So then I decided I should stumble home but Oxxo has the coldest damned beer in town so I got a big can of Corona for a little over $1 and now I sit on the balcony somewhat sober and a little happy. Clouds tint to orange. Life tints to happiness. There are these moments which seem to take over. The sunsets and the kids all dressed up and soon the big holiday happens with parades and the Malecon all dressed up.

I also realized I cannot do two blogs. Writing to two requires some kind of attention I don't have. I also cannot do things with Linux or VPS or Jekyll or Hugo or any of them. It is far easier in the current state of beery mind to simply get rid of it all and focus on and writing here. Not that I could ever create really good content because half of what I write is drivel and the other half wants to be drivel. But hey!

It is what I got and you are reading this. Right?

Meanwhile the cold Corona beer is tacitly requiring attention. With the change of time, sunset now is an hour earlier. Does it matter? I don't think so. I don't do nothing anyways whether the time changes or it does not. I told this guy at the place I stopped for 2 for 1 beers I will just do what I always do. Nothing. Except for now. Now I will put my considerable talent and attention to sitting on the balcony and being the retired gentleman of leisure.


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