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Day One Things

I usually start a diary entry in the mornings wherever I’ve been. It seems to both anchor and start my day. I also will read the On This Day thing. Not really a long time user but now it’s particularly interesting, sometimes frustrating, other times exhilarating to read the historic entries. Where a year ago I was in Vietnam and two years before about halfway through a month in Taipei.

I tried doing multiple journal files but it never really worked. My writing in Day One is perhaps like my life. I cannot put things into neat buckets. Perhaps it even shows in my blog. No categories. Everything ends up in all the places much like it does. No tags, no categories, no separate journals. Because perhaps my life is not neatly segmented into those things either. Everything just happens or not. When I have tried to bring order my retired self complained bitterly. It was like part of me was saying,

hey you did the order and plans and categories for 20 some years. Stop already.

I also don’t write down many lists. A list is just another fumbling attempt at order. Precursor things. To do this first I must do that. I hated those things when I was a program manager and I completely rebelled when I stopped.

So the diary is a miasma of conflicts, ideas, thoughts. With no particular order and perhaps more than a little chaos. Day One does not really impose order except for the day to day using the entry format. There is another called edit format. I don’t do that one.

But this miasma is mine. It is a picture in a picture. A reflection of a reflection. Day One just lets me see all that. And it has for almost 1000 entries. There is not really a focus. Or a plan besides desiring and needing to write every day. Now part of the use is to also read. Having the diary stretch two years plus another 5 out of Day One in markdown files gives me a view. A view to the reflection and the picture and the sublime mirrors of words. Good or bad. Loving or hating. Usually I do all of those.

But now it’s a morning in puerto Vallarta and in a year perchance to read back again. See my year ago self on the balcony.

All worth it I think. These Day One things.

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