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Part Two let there be play

I spent some hours this morning dorking with Jekyll and getting back to some memory of using git. Really comes down to only a few commands for me on my Mac.

  1. git add —all
  2. git commit -m “some funky message”
  3. git push

I added the directory as an external folder to Ulysses where my posts go. So I can now write a post in Ulysses and as long as the post has the right file name and the front matter in it, I can then run the commands to sync my repo to GitHub. Coolness. Right? After I run the push, Netlify takes over and publishes my site. Now my custom domain works too.

Only one thing missing I can see. How can I write posts on my iPhone to my Jekyll site. Well, that is where Working Copy comes in. I paid for Working Copy premium at some point but uninstalled it at some other point. It is one really cool app like my friend Mikka says. For me, I install the app, clone my GitHub repo to it and I can then edit markdown files or create new posts. Then working copy will sync the stuff and the rest happens as I wrote above. The editor can be anything really but I plan on playing with both Ulysses and IAwriter for it on the iPhone.

There is no real need for any of this you know. It is play. With play you don’t need to have some reason to do it. Play is enough. I had puzzled over when I went for a walk how I could do blog posts to my Jekyll site and I remembered Working Copy and what it does. I’m not done with that part of the integration because if I just rush through stuff, it is not play any longer. So what is the purpose of my toy site? There is no purpose to it at all. I just enjoy sometimes using tools that do wonderful and strange things. Netlify is one of those that gives me this continuous deployment thing for free. I can also use a custom domain as long as I can create alias records. My DNS registrar allows that.

I am really happy this evening with what I did. Tomorrow I’ll figure out the Working Copy stuff and how I can use Ulysses to write those posts too.

Now it is time to do nothing. I do that really well! :-)

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