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Finale on a Saturday

This morning feeling all kinds of energetic I cloned my GitHub repo on Working Copy. Then in the ICloud files app I added it as a source. In Ulysses I add the external folder now available in the files app which contains my posts. I can create a new post and then commit the changes and push to my GitHub repo. All in Ulysses and then Working Cooy. Not bad for first cup of coffee level of energy 😀.

I have to say Working Copy is a really neat app. Worth the money. But I am not really done. So many more things to do and learn. Adding a theme is one. The real thing is none of this cost me. Not even the $5 for a digitalocean droplet.

on to saturday

Then of course it’s Saturday. Coffee and balcony time. Some breakfast later. Cool breezes this morning and birds dance the air currents. Some work begins across the street. I remember my days working with no fondness. True is I hated it all by the time I was done. IT and infrastructure and data centers and vendors and partners. I still don’t look back and get teary eyed over them days. What I have now is now. I could use a aphorism like,

there’s more to having less

You have all seen that one. Instead it seems tired and trite and disingenuous for me. Instead the very act of my moments has become the movement and play and going as I want to go.

And a month to go here in PV. Nothing changes but it all does. Like everywhere I’ve been. The moment I turn my back it all changes. I saw this in Saigon and Tainan. Sleepily little Kampot Cambodia waking up along the river. Hanoi changing its mood and the next bowl of pho was the one.

I’m raising my coffee cup to It all and living just the way I want to live.

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