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When the Music Plays

I'm sitting here this evening enjoying the really beautiful and cool weather that seems to arrive now in PV in the evenings. I was talking with my housemate J about the weather and she remarked that the temperatures only reach 88 and that is so true!

Today out walking it just seemed so beautiful. I stopped and read on my kindle at this small park almost downtown for some time. Today particularly seemed to just be so perfect to be outdoors. By the time I had dinner that I did not invite you to and then decided to walk back home, the cooler winds were prevailing and I sat out on the balcony enjoying a cold corona beer and just feeling it all.

Tonight its so easy to sit with the balcony doors open but I can hear conflicting music. Across the street the music ramps up most evenings until about 10pm. Down the street, I can sometimes hear American rock music both classical and new playing. An eclectic neighborhood I would say :-).

For some reason now I feel like crossing over from music to writing so excuse the hell outa me. I've been having fun building this workflow to let me blog both from the MacBook and my iPhone to my Jekyll blog. Since the blog uses git I can use the very nice git client on iOS named Working Copy. But really it has been the writing I have been thinking about more than where I write. I could post this on my Jekyll blog too by changing the file name and adding in the front matter. Would take me a few minutes. Instead though lets look at the content and how we get there. In 25 years of blogging just about, I seem to have seen it all. One constant for me though has been the words. The act of writing in whatever editor or app was made available. I have come to believe that it is not some platform that makes us or breaks us. The platform is just the delivery medium. If we did not have this or that, we would have another. There is no lack of delivery media for our words both mainstream and the so-called indie platforms. What is the denominator instead is not the platform but the words. That's where the action is. If we don't write, the platforms don't publish. If we don't create words next to each other, all of those beautiful static site generators and database backed applications rust away. What we need are the words. Then we need how the words line up with each other.

Whether you agree with the words or not, it is the words that count and account. Let me ask you,

  1. How much blogging do you actually do? Do you sit down and write and never wonder if it will be short or long? With a picture or an image? Do you ever just create? Then see where it all goes?
  2. Do you believe in your words? Or do you write the words so you can meet a goal of so many posts in so many days. Maybe a project to post a photo a day not because of the merits or beauty or ugliness of the photo but just the goal itself.
  3. When you write the words, are you feeling good? Bad? Indifferent? Does it even fucking matter what you write as long as you get a 2 minute read out of it?

An anthropologist once remarked,

there is nothing so constant as change

What is your constancy with writing. Has it changed? Do you just write the words to get there or do you want to just write and create and see what getting there means? I admit to not caring about the platform or platforms any longer. If you read this post on my, great. If I cross post it to my Jekyll blog perhaps you will not see it. But I did my part. I created it. The words came tumbling and rumbling out and in the end; I felt this release. This sense of both wonderment and frustration at the exercise.

How do you feel when you blog? Let the music play.

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