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all the words in one place

I’ve been a writing app switcher lately but I always would write my daily journal in Day One. This has persisted for over two years and the app has treated me well. But once I install App B things change. I have this desire to,

  1. Have all my words in one place. See diary and blog and notes and longer writing sharing the same canvas.
  2. Have a no workflow workflow. I think the whole idea we define workflows dramatically increases the complexity of whatever we create. Instead of creating we draw mindmaps and arrows and lines to connect them or we do Venn diagrams to show all the connecting and interconnected points. Apps on the left. Export and publish on the right. Ideas down the middle. Then everything blossoms out to these arrows. Must do this in that app. Must do other in other app. Workflows suck to me and they suck the creativity out of our life forces.
  3. Finally we number things or create complex bulleted lists like this. This also sucks. See? You read all the way to here.

So what to do? I have a solution. Do everything in one app. Writing, notes and journal. When you open the app you are there. So I asked myself what is really needed?

So what app? That part is up to you. I chose what I will try but I won’t tell you here. Life is too full of searches on what app to use. For someone else. How about if you figure out not the minimum needs but the app that will just let you create. After all I ask,

what’s the difference of writing? Is not blogging writing? Is not journaling writing? Is not writing longer form still writing?

What is to lose? What is to gain? Only you know. I know what I want. All my words in one place. I also know how to get there. Oh. Just delete the workflows and mindmaps. Your mind is already a map.

Then be 😊 or 😠. You know. Emoji here. You may find it all won’t fit and you need this app for this thing and that app for that. Good on you. I don’t know either. Will it work? It does not matter. Let your words prosper. They will be happy.

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