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cookies and coffee

There is a panaderia or bakery down the street from where I live. In that wondrous place are cookies and pastries and rolls. My favorite though are the cookies. Cookies of all kinds and particularly the warm sugar cookies they make. The cookies cost 5 pesos each or about $0.25. I love stopping when they are just made and the lady always gives me a smile and pretty much knows what I want even though she would like me to try other stuff. I have had their cinnamon roll which was so good! Mostly though in the morning its a cookie with my coffee. I will sit in the shared space with the laptop and sometimes chat with a friend in Vietnam. She tries to tell me all the goings on there but it is so hard to be this far away and feel like I have some connection to events and people there. WhatsApp does help!

On a Sunday morning its quieter here. The businesses are not open for the most part. Many of the places I frequent for breakfast are closed on Sundays but one of my favorites Meno’s Place is open but they are so busy I bet. Everyone seems to have the same idea which is a late Sunday breakfast or brunch. There are also birthdays celebrated there a lot. Perhaps today I will not do breakfast though and go out for a lunch instead.

Meanwhile my cookie has disappeared. I can hear birds singing out the window. Many fly in their curious formations and dive around the homes where I live. Their little shadows dart across the ground and the balcony. Sunday in Puerto Vallarta. Tomorrow is a holiday here. The weeks inexorably count down and in just about three weeks I leave PV for Merida. I most likely will be back next year again because I love this city that much but now I want a different scene. I want to visit archeological sites I studied about and walk their grounds. Go to museums and see colonial city blocks. Take photos. Walk. Enjoy my last three months in Mexico.

The cookie is done but the dreaming is not. The coffee is waiting patiently.

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