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Getting my github on

I've been having some fun with publishing my new endeavor to GitHub pages. Of all the methods this has to be the simplest one. All it takes is a repository with my I guess because GitHub uses jekyll it's all so easy.The hardest thing it seemed was getting Jekyll installed because of various and sundry paths and gems and other thing which took some editing and fixing on my MacBook. Wonder of wonders though it worked! Then I made mistakes with how GitHub pages wanted my dns. So luckily my registrar is easy and I was able to prevail and use a custom domain. Who wants a fancy site to be Not me. I want the full goodies.

Then it's the git init and turning on my remote git repo on GitHub. That's the repo where my GitHub pages site lives. I think four commands and one fix to change the fubar remote git repo name in the config file and then redo the commands to push out my local repo. It's all so easy. Yet... sometimes frustrating. Today though git was kind. I figured out the error with the remote git name and fixed it. Tried again. Voila! Then I added working copy again. Cloned the repo and now I can see that repo on my iPhone.

It's gitting it! Lol.

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