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connections. Sweet sweet connections.

This evening my housemate J and I went to eat. We had to find a second place since it appeared the first place would not be open. We went to a little burger and beer bar down the street. The burgers were so good and the bacon! I love bacon! So we stayed and talked and then walked home. By then the first choice was open. Lol.

Getting back I got a few WhatsApp messages from Vietnam. Wonderful pictures of my friends cooking there. Huang is one of the kids i would love to go visit. He reserved the best hugs and would tell me unreservedly he loved me. The wonderful sweet connections that even Covid cannot defeat. Smiles and tears. Paul told me when I left that Huang cried. Wanted to know why I must leave him and Vietnam. The boss told me he was sad many days in July. Sweet connections. Now remote but still tugging at heart strings. Now I see photos of Huang cooking with the boss. Food the boss said would be better if I were there.

It’s all the connections. The warm and wonderful and sometimes teary eyed from a young boy and me. I can’t say like before I would see him at his home for dinner. Now we live in pictures and text messages.

So now I sit on the balcony. Dwell on those connections. I write a bit. Think some more. cảm ơn Huang. I miss you too. A little boy with a big heart. Take care and I send much love to you.

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