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writing on ghost

I have this bit of longer form writing I’ve been doing for awhile now. I don’t really have something to show but I wanted to mention that ghost provides a really nice platform while allowing one to self host. The basic functionality I want is to be able to add custom groups called collections which will create cool containers for the writing. I also want to publish from Ulysses which works quite well. The final thing down the road is perhaps a path to migrate to a hosted solution on I don’t feel some need to just move because the self hosted thing works very well for building out pages and posts.

The longer term though is to publish what I’d call periodicals. Articles of a continuing nature perhaps like those old time serials where a story line is added to each month or whenever. I settled on this approach over a classic story where I reach an end. I also want this published in chronological order so the earliest post first and then moving on. I think a person could start reading anywhere as well which is different than stories. So in noodling the methods of creation and how I want the story staged I tested Wordpress. Wordpress is too much for me any more. Too many bells. Whistles. What was needed is this solution I would feel good about. I think ghost on digital ocean is a really nice basic solution for someone like me that wants to go try themes, how their posts and pages work, creating collections based on categories, etc. DigitalOcean is about the only VPS solution I use for whatever. I was told by Linode I posed a security risk over payment so I deleted the account and decided to focus only on creating stuff when I wanted to play on DigitalOcean. It really seems to me it offers so much more than Linode like the ability to publish static sites like Netlify or whatever. I also like the documentation and support networks included. I’ve found ways to build many things by just copying and pasting something that someone else wrote into a terminal and it just F’ing works.

With Ghost on DO, its a one stop thing. Install, launch the terminal, answer maybe two questions, and its all ready to create an account and add a password in a browser. Also with SSL created as you go. Very cool!

What I have considered is moving to the paid tier on down the road. At $9 a month it is something I could see doing. Right now though, I can resize the droplet on DO, add disk storage if I want and just use the software as I want and still have SSH access.

Perhaps one day I will let you see the site if you behave and ask nicely :-). Meanwhile mystery is good for the soul.

and something else 

With Cambodia opening now, a final block for me was getting the retirement extension there. Now I hear I can get that on a tourist visa either received from an embassy or online. My friend D will probably be asking my plans soon but I have no plans. Just ideas. My ideas are,

  1. Stay here until I leave
  2. Come back after that

I like Mexico a lot. It is easy to live here. I don’t feel some pressing desire to go to Asia now. I just left in July. I miss Vietnam a lot but I think its a rear view thing in some ways. You know. You were driving down some road and a thing appeared in the rear view that looked so damn cool but as you drove you were faced with choices. Like stop where you are and watch it in the mirror. It does not get any bigger or smaller. Just stays the same. Continue driving and it slowly dissolves. Or turn back. Turning back does not work for me. So I call it a rear view mirror thing I guess. Vietnam is pretty fresh in my rear view mirror still. So the easy thing for me is to not have a thing. Mexico does that very well. And it will next year too.

Perhaps if I continue going sideways or straight ahead or stop I will want the edge again. Now I feel it is okay to miss it and the wonderful people and family there but have no real desire to return.

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