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Sunday morning with Ulysses

Sometimes sitting with the morning coffee in Puerto Vallarta I’m seeing my morning just go by so slowly. Sun rising and the room coffee all ready to go. It is quiet on Sunday mornings here. A lot of businesses do not open and my regular breakfast spots are closed so I will head to another place but will go fashionably late because. Just because.

This is called the High Season here and there are the tourists coming in increasing numbers plus there are the sunbirds. Folks that come to get away from winter elsewhere and they likely spend months in Puerto Vallarta. I’ve noticed even my non touristy neighborhood more people. Cruise ships dock here too and then the downtown trendy spots get busy. I usually head to a smaller Mexican restaurant then or try to go to Burrito Beach but the tables are more often full in the evenings.

The non touristy spots are easy to find off the main streets and everyone is just as welcome there but people don’t go too often. Lolita is one of those. Right off the Malecon but tourists and expats simply don’t go. I am not sure why. The food is excellent and the prices are so reasonable. I love their enchilada verdes.

Anyways here I am back with Ulysses on a Sunday. Only two weeks plus days left in the city then I fly out to Merida. I started looking at going to Chichen Itza but I don’t want a tour so I will just go on my own and spend as much time as I want there.

Merida has museums to go visit too. I simply love spending hours in a museum. The real draw for me is the architecture and colonial history of the city plus the wonderful looking city blocks. Spending at least three months there will let me taste the wonderful nectar of foods, people, history. My feeling is I would go back after my short visit to the US and spend the entire time there and then head to Belize after. Generally I want to go to Belize, Costa Rica and Panama next year and that takes up the entire year for me. The visa is limited in Belize and it is more expensive so I will go shorter. Costa Rica gives three months for free and Panama does six months for free. That just about takes care of 2022.

There are plans that Vietnam may open for unrestricted movement in the country by June of 2022. Cambodia is open now and I could go and also stay up to a year on a visa extension. I don’t feel some pressing need even missing some people to just go to Asia. There are many places here to wander around and enjoy. Of course it all can change at my whim. And it usually does.

So that’s it for a Sunday morning. My room coffee cools off. The morning cool breezes make the curtain in my room dance. The blue skies are an every day thing here. We have beautiful warm days and cooler evenings. Here’s something I saw the other day.

Who wants to ride?

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