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my park bench

Awhile ago I had some fun with google maps when I lived in Hanoi. I was sitting one day by Truc Bach Lake after getting a ca phe sua da at circle ⭕️ K. The lake was particularly beautiful.

So I found this particular bench. It seemed lonely so I acquired it on google maps.

Cool eh? I had completely forgotten until my friend P asked about a certain Korean bbq place so I searched on google maps for him. There as I was kinda looking around was my bench. I had saved it before and would use it on Facebook or messaging a friend in Hanoi when they asked where I was.

It dawned on me everyone should own a bench out there. A place to sit and watch and wonder. I did a lot of that in Hanoi. The real thing about seeing the bench though was the memory also of walking around Truc Bach lake. Many places I would stop and eat, get a beer or coffee and just sit. This lake is next to West Lake but much smaller. The neighborhoods around it always seemed like the place to live and be happy to me.

But I had to claim my bench. Thanks google maps for letting me own a little piece of Hanoi. And for letting me see a truly beautiful spot to drink that coffee at.

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