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Mornings and Coffee and Memories

I ended up getting peacefully drunk last night at home and fell asleep early but not before we started a WhatsApp Group chat with friends in Vietnam in two different cities. My L lives in Can Tho and Paul and the Boss live in Hanoi but they know each other so seeing L call Paul Uncle Paul was a treat! We did not really chat that much after I decided I wanted Boss to chat with us. It took me a bit to find her and then she joined but we were kinda done with the group chat.

Now I sit on the balcony with coffee and admire the morning here. It started out cloudy and still is. Coffee makes a statement and I can enjoy the wonderful cooler air this morning. Today is breakfast day with my wonderful friends here Alex and Diana. We will go down the street to El Patio and enjoy some food and coffee and time.

Later will decide on a next book to read on my Kindle. I just finished Russka which was quite the epic historic novel read. It tracked generations of two or three families. It was a hard book to read given the grand sweep of times and trying to remember how each of the families entangled, hated and loved the others. In the end it all came together to one view. I thought Rutherford did a wonderful job with a daunting task which not only included the families but the grand sweep of Russian history and even prehistory.

There is this delicious feeling about being between books to read. Do I go to a book or two of Science Fiction I have thought about? A political mystery? Perhaps more history? It all seems up for grabs this morning so I will just choose. But in the meanwhile I will just take a moment and consider choices. I have bought so many books on amazon and have really only a few on the kindle. The next book I start will see me through from Puerto Vallarta to Merida though and I have no doubt I will find a park there to read in or a coffee shop that welcomes me like here.

So from moments of happiness last night chatting with friends in Hanoi and Can Tho to here and then finding myself between books, life is good. I’ll make another selection of book to read and go to the local market to buy some fruit today. Oh… It is also Thanksgiving coming up. It is celebrated here as well but I don’t do holidays much any more. They come and go. People do various things with and for them. I got more of a treat celebrating the Tet or Lunar New Year holiday in Vietnam since it goes for a week. Early this year I went to V’s home and ate and had a few beers and walked home. Ah… Memories :-). I ended up at this beer bar with a bunch of young Vietnamese people that I just happened to find walking home. V had messaged me asking if I had reached home but I told her I had stopped at a beer place. She just laughed and wished me a good evening. More memories leaking out from this pen.

So anyways, enough. Soon time for some food and fun with the guys. A book choice. Writing more on this one thing which I will publish one day somewhere. Just not here. I’ve looked at using ghost to publish it and it is what I want. Wordpress is a confusing mess of plugins and themes and I don’t wanna mess with it any more. I want this particular look and feel like what Maique did with his work there but I also want to be able to publish in chronological order like a book and I love the look and feel of Ghost publishing. I’ve wondered given what I am writing and how it sometimes feels if that would take over for the regular blogging here. Everything has a evolution to it I think whether it is fast or slow. The writing now seems in some regards to be more focused on the life I am leading moving ever so slowly through the places I want to be. Perhaps the evolution is really longer pieces without chronological ordering at all or organized like a book which has a particular inflection point for me. I love blogging here but I also know after reading the writing without deciding to do edits or making changes to the nature, that it feels more natural to write that way than this. Maybe this blog becomes something else too. I’m just thinking on virtual paper or “sheets” as Ulysses calls them.

What I can see with writing here and there, there is a point where the two meet. I feel like the real story or tale or desire is in both now. Doing the writing which has become a daily labor of love and also blogging here as often as I want with photos and stories and things.

What happens next? Who knows. At some point next and now meet though. So more memories will be created and books read and stories written and new things created. And moving gently to Merida will happen in two weeks. Then? I have no idea. A friend in Cambodia asked me to come over to see him and my friend AV asks about me returning so we can go out and eat, drink, have fun together. Vietnam is not close to really opening. In all truth, I never want to think of there as going “back”. I don’t like the term going back. It almost feels like some rusty synapse of a memory will be brought to life again. At work, as I have posted, my friend Phil had this saying on his cubicle wall,

Don’t look back. We are not going that way

Yep! Let’s just take now. Much better than some other direction. I like now and writing here. Next is up for grabs. At some point perhaps I’ll share the writing. It definitely will be published on Ghost.

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