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From Puerto Vallarta to Merida

In about two weeks, I get to slowly move to my next place. Pretty excited about the movement. I talked with my airbnb hosts yesterday about Merida and they think I will really love it there just not as much as PV. Hahaha! I think it comes down to a single thing.

There are other things too. The place has over 10 museums! Like wow. I get all jazzed up with museums. There are wondrous prehistoric archeological sites all around and magical villages to get magical in and around. Cenotes to disappear into and day to day life to get involved with. I’ve looked at some wonderful looking walks to do there in different districts and the central area of town. The area is rich in culture and history and of course food and beer. Some of my favorite things!

Thinking about doing nothing in various places for some reason reminds me of this Pooh Bear quote I saw,

There you go! Do nothing, Do it regularly.

Let the wisdom of the 100 acre wood reign supreme!

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