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Writing these last years

It seems writing these last years has been a declaration of love and frustration and sometimes both at the same time. What I have wanted with the words was to track a thing. My thing slowly moving from moment to moment, memory to memory, experience to experience. I was never taken with time and how blogs want everything in some chronological order nor was I taken with books and they want things in some other order. I have felt there had to be a thing within and among.

About a year ago I started writing little pieces of things which I would then erase. I never felt them. They always seemed to be just words done in IAwriter or a text editor. Now I am using Ulysses but the words seemed to pour out after one event in July this year when I had coffee with my friend P after lunch with R and another friend in Oakland California. I heard these stories, fables, moments that seemed so much what I wanted to write but blogs here and blogs there did not seem fitting compromise or the way I wished to grab the words. What I had was the blog here and I was faced with the desire for a few things. I wanted the old blog posts here to maintain the record, to see the day to day. I also wanted a different thing but I went one thing at a time I guess.

I took in the archives from a few years of writing content and was able to import them into I had to do a little work but Manton did the heavy lifting for which I am very appreciative. I felt at the time and still do that this writing otherwise would be lost to the backwaters of some personal markdown editor. Suddenly posts from 2019 sprang to life and I had these wonderful memories to wander down. Memories from and blot and Moments from them all about being here or going there or just the thoughts of a old retired guy wandering. It has been good! I have felt that this whole thing really invigorated the writing and let me see wondrous continuity of the times. Having those blog posts from 2019 on especially seem worthwhile but I also thank David Merfield with blot for creating an import from several sources to help me have the whole thing in one archive. Fantastic work David! Thanks so much. Most of all thanks to Manton for making the import happen of all the posts in It represents so much of the writing day to day, thought to thought.

With all that said, there is another place I want to go with the writing so I bring it out here to just discuss and create. With the writing I started since July of this year, I found another extent, another thing I wanted. Another story perhaps waiting to be told or one I wished to write. I went through a number of formats. I tried Wordpress. I tried Jekyll. I tried Hugo. The last two I do not understand whatsoever and the first one seemed to be created to just irritate me. Then I read Maique’s beautiful work on Ghost on his marriage and honeymoon (so far). The chord had struck I guess. What I want for the writing is something different than sequential blog posts. What I want to create are periodical stories on the web. Stories that encapsulate and treat and comment on the years of blog posting but also are something so different. Perhaps a bit of fiction along with fact because life often is a bit of both. Most though is the sense of a story to be told, to be related, to hone through with words. Longer content that makes me remember as a kid seeing the periodicals on TV and the theater.

come back next week for the exciting next show when the hero meets The Dark Shadow

You know the type of thing. I want to create a version of this tailored for my writing. Not tied so much to days or posts or weeks because those things are not really real and we all really know it but we stay enslaved to time and space and reality because we would not understand it all if not. I learned this basic theory in anthropology decades ago. So applying it in a way now seems reasonable. What is needed instead are recordings and words of the moments. Not keyed to time or date or blog post number or reverse chronological order which sometimes seems rather silly to me but yet since 1998 it has been how we write these things.


In the interests of this blog and the thing I want to create, I want to note I am very happy writing here on but I also wanted to see words created in another milieu. A form factor to just try on for size. I decided to launch this new thing on Ghost Pro for a few reasons.

  1. I like how Ghost pro is published and depicted and the flexibility of things with it.
  2. I like being able to simply embed images from Flickr or SmugMug either on Ulysses or the web editor
  3. I like the mission of Ghost Pro and I want to contribute to that mission

So with all that in mind, I decided to kind of “fork my attention” so to speak. I will write here on the day to day and longer posts sticking with the form and format of because I love it here. I intend also on creating a new thing in a new format in a new place. Not dependent on archives of markdown or XML or JSON (whatever the F that is). It is not to replace or enhance or make different. It is to create. I think we all need to create and not just maintain.

Thanks for reading! May the pen and the screen be with you.

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