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Channeling the Instant Coffee

First off thanks to TMO for the email wishing me a happy Thanksgiving! I’m enjoying reading your blog. Also many thanks to Mikka for being the blogger and wiki-er that he is. Is wiki-er even a word? I dunno. But Thanksgiving is a good day to give thanks to people out there and what they do. My friend Paul and the Boss in Hanoi will be celebrating their holiday with friends and a dinner at their home. I hope all is well and you take care, enjoy the food, and tease the Boss for me. I miss you all.

So while I am channeling the instant coffee, it is interesting considering just how beautiful and cool the mornings are now here in Puerto Vallarta. I would call this the perfect weather here. When I arrived in September the days were warmer and humid and rain often came in the afternoons. Sometimes we had spectacular lightning and thunder!

Today after some time will go to Calmate Café for some meal like brunch or something. They have nice food and the coffee is perfect there. I like going at about 1030 for whatever meal that is.

I was reading my Day One entries from last year and I was in Hanoi during Thanksgiving. I don’t specifically recall all the things I would do but one that is interesting was then I was planning on leaving in February for the US. Of course, this never happened and I went down the path of starting a business which never went anywhere either. Now I sit here in Mexico channeling the instant coffee.

Is life wonderful or what? :-)

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