2021-10-25 When DHL delivers

2021-10-25 Good morning! Brought to you by the quill editor, puerto Vallarta and my trusty iPhone 12 Pro. Go …

2021-10-24 Malecon when the evening starts arriving. People out walking, eating, drinking. Watching other …

2021-10-24 New place for pizza for dinner. Outdoor seating. Good distance between tables. Wonderful service. …

2021-10-24 Sayonara Facebook

2021-10-24 Sunday morning sides and asides

2021-10-24 Breakfast at Menos Place. Waffles fresh fruit and coffee. Nice place for lazy Sunday breakfast.

2021-10-23 life at the taco place

2021-10-23 Tacos at burrito beach cafe. Nice place. Good prices. Wonderful food and beer. I love tacos.

2021-10-23 The colors ran to so many others. Love the explosion of reds, yellows, greens. There are so many …

2021-10-23 scam calls and messages

2021-10-23 Views of things walking to Calmate Cafe. Nice place to ease into Saturday. The walk has little …

2021-10-23 nice but let’s fix social security.

2021-10-23 Roosters talking

2021-10-22 nice day

2021-10-22 On the way home. Wherever I look I see food.

2021-10-22 This is my Friday post

2021-10-21 Living in some slow lane

2021-10-21 Have a beautiful day. Courtesy of Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

2021-10-21 Dinner. The Day Off Burger at Day Off Bar in PV. Yum.

2021-10-21 The Woolworth store! Has some of everything. Good prices too.

2021-10-21 From the taco stand down a few blocks. Wonderful fresh tortillas and these are with asada. There are …

2021-10-20 Taking the long way on the short walk

2021-10-20 This is your throne. Take a seat

2021-10-20 Here comes the sun

2021-10-19 Out for dinner this evening with my friend J. We stopped to take pictures of sunset along the …

2021-10-19 Taco Mornings

2021-10-19 Almost halfway here

2021-10-18 Wringing the words

2021-10-18 Coffee and Cambodia

2021-10-17 Listening to this by Mary. music.apple.com.

2021-10-17 Days made of butter

2021-10-17 Another day of clouds invading the Bahia de Banderas.

2021-10-16 I was solitude standing Found some meaning when the ocean ran its wave Gone were the mediocrity and …

2021-10-16 It was one of the days where I walk and look and just sit and watch the beautiful skies and clouds …

2021-10-16 At the corner of Mexico and Uruguay. It’s where I go for my tacos. And nice chips. And cold cold …

2021-10-16 My joy in life

2021-10-16 Saturday breakfast at El Patio. Relaxing and wonderful. Today chorizo scrambled eggs, potatoes and …

2021-10-16 Good morning from puerto Vallarta. Wonderful day coming up. Enjoy your weekend.

2021-10-15 Retirement is so difficult. Sitting on the Malecon after a day doing whatever the hell I wanted to.

2021-10-15 Beautiful Morning

2021-10-14 Urban art on my walk today. Like the colors!

2021-10-14 Love the little scenes around this photogenic city. No pictures of tacos or beer but I’m sitting at …

2021-10-14 The 4th floor dining at Menos Place. Today French toast, fresh fruit, Mexican coffee and the …

2021-10-14 Vietnam calling

2021-10-13 No news is good news

2021-10-13 Cheesy bacon burger at Cafe San Angel. Mike does not live with tacos alone.

2021-10-12 Thrift Shop Days

2021-10-12 My last photo from today. Procamera and hdr black and white. I like this one best.

2021-10-12 The bird and umbrella.

2021-10-12 Here are some more using procamera both hdr and without in black and white. I used procamera to edit …

2021-10-12 Some first photos with ProCamera using the HDR black and white settings. I’ll take more around …

2021-10-11 ProCamera tomorrow

2021-10-11 At the Day Off bar. Beautiful day and dancers. Beer is cold too! Perhaps some food here after I beer …

2021-10-11 This is the story about macro mode on the halide app. I’ll still get an iPhone pro 13 because I …

2021-10-11 There is round and round

2021-10-11 Writing here or there - of course I change things :-)

2021-10-11 Writing on my blot blog for awhile

2021-10-03 Along the Malecon. One of my favorite walks. Today is simply beautiful out in PV.

2021-10-03 Breakfast at El Andariego - Restaurante & Bar PV. Mexican omelette and green chilaquiles. …

2021-10-03 My Blot blog

2021-10-02 Finding old posts

2021-10-01 Sometimes I am struck by the beauty of the sky and clouds

2021-10-01 Last stop. Tacos at Burrito Beachcafe. 5 tacos for 60 pesos. Might as well have a beer. Tacos and …

2021-10-01 Totally mixed up. Some of this and that.

2021-10-01 2 for 1 beer. Ok! Sitting on the Malecon with beer is habit forming. Happy days!

2021-10-01 I love coffee!

2021-09-30 Few other things in PV.

2021-09-30 One of my favorite songs of since forever. Covered by heart. stairway to heaven. So beautiful. I …

2021-09-30 My friend Jasmen from the Day Off Bar. She makes sure beer is always here and will run over to say …

2021-09-30 Today was fun

2021-09-30 The banos looking like some fantasy story. It’s still only for 1 and 2 though. Hahahaha.

2021-09-30 Lazy days with iced latte. Got a late start so I am getting a latte start. I always enjoy doing …

2021-09-30 Sometimes a song

2021-09-29 Reading the News

2021-09-29 The sun lover

2021-09-29 Todays things show blue skies and small walks. Most days I end up by the ocean. The Malecon is …

2021-09-29 It’s breakfast time at Natural Baguets y mas!! Love the huevos rancheros and coffee here. Relaxing …

2021-09-29 Sunshine Mornings in Puerto Vallarta

2021-09-28 doing dinner. Cheesy bacon burger and fries. Cold cold corona beer.

2021-09-28 Moving along in December

2021-09-27 Whole lot of little things

2021-09-27 Life can suck if you’re a statue.

2021-09-27 El Patio for breakfast. When is it too late for breakfast? Neverrrrrrrrrrrr! This definitely one of …

2021-09-27 Wishes and Regards - Xin Chao Vietnam

2021-09-26 Day Off Bar Talk

2021-09-26 Sunday means NFL and cold beer at the Day Off bar. The corona beer is cold. Football goes on. I come …

2021-09-26 Beauty and simplicity are hand in hand.

2021-09-26 breakfast! patriotic chilaquiles. Breakfasts are good! I never did like breakfast early. Also …

2021-09-25 burrito beach asada tacos. Nice place with reasonable prices.

2021-09-25 Making the Steps

2021-09-25 Saturday expat mornings

2021-09-24 Night mode is fun. My feet say hola. The beer is cold. Night is warm.

2021-09-24 On IOS 15 The background matches what I set for my MacBook. I love these toys. Custom iPhone Safari …

2021-09-24 Dessert. Perfecto! Wonderful lazy and lasagna times. Sitting outdoors eating is a pleasure on these …

2021-09-24 italian food tonight. Lazy days and lasagna. Along the Malecon. I did do laundry today. Achievement …

2021-09-24 I found this story to be truly amazing abou this storage container opened and the wonderful things …

2021-09-24 Ready to go!

2021-09-24 Good morning from Menos Place. Wonderful breakfasts. They make waffles!

2021-09-24 Booster Shots and No Plan Plans

2021-09-23 Boom!

2021-09-23 Playing with Raw Power app. And the velvia film simulation.

2021-09-23 News from the balcony. I think gonna rain. It’s getting humider or more humid or humidly. The cold …

2021-09-23 Storm clouds gather and street art that I notice is part of a larger mural. Later will get both …

2021-09-23 Sloth and Laziness

2021-09-23 Breakfast time at El Patio. So nice to have places close to my place. Today scrambled eggs with …

2021-09-22 From here to there is not so far

2021-09-22 There’s always corona beer at the day off bar. I really like this bar. Serious about face masks and …

2021-09-22 Some pizza today. Change is good. Sitting at pinocchio bar. Small bar and pizza place worth finding. …

2021-09-22 stunning sands, trees, ocean in Puerto Vallarta

2021-09-22 Some more street art along the fun side streets off the Malecon in PV.

2021-09-22 Sometimes a morning coffee stop along the Malecon. At Buonissimo for an iced latte.

2021-09-22 Street tacos. Under $2 for three. Freshly made tortilla. Nice people.

2021-09-22 Puerto Vallarta times

2021-09-21 Between joy and tears

2021-09-21 Little things seen today. Beautiful day in puerto Vallarta. Sun shining. Blue skies. Nice day to …

2021-09-21 More street art.

2021-09-21 Lazy breakfast at Cesare. Patio dining along with Mexican omelette and some coffee.

2021-09-21 Hanoi comes back

2021-09-21 Going to WalMart today

2021-09-20 And then a rainbow came

2021-09-20 Morning Coffee and life

2021-09-19 See me?

2021-09-19 Today just wandering around the beach. Beautiful day in PV. A little rain. Wear a face mask. Take …

2021-09-19 Watching Tennessee vs Seattle NFL at day off bar. Some beer and food too. I like finding regular …

2021-09-19 Good morning or afternoon. Sitting out for some iced latte. Late start to the day. Sun shining.

2021-09-19 Easy like a Sunday Morning

2021-09-18 Sitting on my balcony. Drinking some beer and watching the evening lightning show. Puerto Vallarta …

2021-09-18 Dinner tonight at El Andariego. Enchilada and beer. Really a lot of food for the money spent! …

2021-09-18 Today off to La Isla Shopping Center

2021-09-17 It was walking in the rain

2021-09-17 Torta with bbq pork. Late or early some meal. At pepes tacos

2021-09-17 From here to there

2021-09-16 T shirt fantasies

2021-09-16 Relax. Everything is ok

2021-09-16 Pretty days along the Malecon. Mexican Independence Day today. Let’s party!

2021-09-16 breakfast at Menos Place. Really pretty place on the 4th floor. Highly rated on the webs. Gonna be …

2021-09-16 This is good news! Way to go California. www.nytimes.com/2021/09/1…

2021-09-16 A thousand blog posts

2021-09-15 One of these beers I will have to wander home. Hopefully 🙏 in the right direction. At day off bar.

2021-09-15 Hahahahaha

2021-09-15 Through the wall. There is a small window. On the other side is the beach. And a view to another …

2021-09-15 Mango and spicy. So yum.

2021-09-15 Good morning! At some cafe for a latte and a day spent on avoiding anything that must be done. There …

2021-09-15 On the move

2021-09-14 iPhone 13 toy factory looks cool. flip.it Apple’s New iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max Boast …

2021-09-14 Sounds like new toys! www.engadget.com iOS 15 will be available to download on September 20th

2021-09-14 West Lake in Hanoi oh so beautiful.

2021-09-14 At the Day Off bar listening to the always excellent Springsteen in some concert. He’s old. I’m old. …

2021-09-14 Chicken burrito. Hole in beer bottle. Oh no.

2021-09-14 Day Off . Life off. Beer on. Time for something to eat and drink.

2021-09-14 My walk today. Another street that chose me to show a little part of its mystery. Now I’m at a …

2021-09-14 Nice to find the local coffee shop. Yay! coffee!

2021-09-14 Instant Coffee Mornings

2021-09-13 Breakfast! At Natural Baguets y mas. Huevos rancheros. Never too late for breakfast.

2021-09-12 Well did not make it back to Airbnb. I blame tacos. And beer. I walked by this place a few times. …

2021-09-12 The corona beer is cold. Day is warm. I’m lazy. So easy to just sit by the ocean and drink.

2021-09-12 Torta with different salsas. Wonderful pork and a nice cold corona or 2.

2021-09-12 Some more beach talk. Now lunch time. Decided to walk in the direction my nose pointed. Ended up …

2021-09-12 Two years ago was Vientiane and Luang Prabang Laos. The third picture. Kuangsi waterfall. The water …

2021-09-12 Morning coffee, Sunday, Balcony

2021-09-11 Balcony Life

2021-09-11 Street art and those wonderful side streets which I just live to explore. PV! Tacos and beer good …

2021-09-11 Along the Malecon. Beautiful weather in PV. This is one nice stroll.

2021-09-11 My new Airbnb buddy. No additional rent for kitty company 😍

2021-09-11 Moving Slower

2021-09-10 Puerto Vallarta times

2021-09-10 Leaving for puerto Vallarta. Two months to the day I arrived back in the US from Vietnam. Nice to be …

2021-09-09 End of the Amtrak voyage

2021-09-09 Good morning! This train wanders through the Mojave Desert. We are close to places like Barstow and …

2021-09-08 Been playing with a cool photo editor on iOS called raw power. It has LUT support and has FujiFilm …

2021-09-08 Back to Amtrak flagstaff station for my last ride. From here to Los Angeles. Takes 13 hours or so. …

2021-09-08 Downtown Flagstaff. Nice day to eat, drink, wander. Do nothing.

2021-09-08 Hard work being a old retired guy. Stopping at Flagstaff Brewing Company for some respite. The …

2021-09-08 A day in Flagstaff Arizona

2021-09-08 Train was late so did not get to flagstaff until early morning. I have the day here so gonna go …

2021-09-07 Some latte and food at Zendo. Nice coffee house by Amtrak station. I have a few hours to go. What …

2021-09-07 Vietnam memories

2021-09-07 Last time at Bristol donuts. Wonderful morning stop. Love the custom donuts and coffee choices. …

2021-09-06 The last New Mexico Days

2021-09-06 Because it’s warm today and beautiful in Albuquerque. Frozen yoghurt and sitting outside. Chilling …

2021-09-06 ProtonMail things

2021-09-05 February 7 Avett Brothers. I dunno how I got to this from Metallica but it happened :-). I love this …

2021-09-05 I stumbled around downtown Albuquerque just to say that I did. Don’t care much for it. I do like the …

2021-09-05 Drinking 🍺 then eating 🍔 at 505. Downtown Albuquerque.

2021-09-05 Back to Albuquerque and some iced latte. At humble coffee

2021-09-05 Western memories here in Las Vegas. Stories to tell. Small vistas to find. History to show. Soon the …

2021-09-05 A little more of Las Vegas. You know you want it 😀

2021-09-05 breakfast times in Las Vegas New Mexico

2021-09-05 Beautiful and iconic bridges in Vietnam. The beauty of Vietnam’s iconic bridges - VnExpress …

2021-09-05 Last weekend in New Mexico

2021-09-04 Walking to my hotel in Las Vegas. Hint: it’s by the gas station with cold Modelo 🍺. Yippee! The road …

2021-09-04 Scenes from Las Vegas. Nice place to get lost in. Still must walk to my hotel. That will take about …

2021-09-04 Made it to Las Vegas NM. Now I’m hungry so found the Hillcrest restaurant. Time for home cooked …

2021-09-04 Riding these rails. Love the country. Video is of just some spot I found along the way. Thanks to …

2021-09-04 Outside of Lamy New Mexico. We are about two hours from Las Vegas. The stop at Lamy was cool. …

2021-09-04 Today off to Las Vegas NM on the Southwest Chief Amtrak train. First a stop at Bristol Donuts. Just …

2021-09-03 Day Trip to Santa Fe

2021-09-03 Before I could go back must have a burrito for some meal. Red chili overdose! Wonderful spicy pork. …

2021-09-03 Back at the station. An hour to spare. The rail runner is a cool system. It will take about two …

2021-09-03 Day is finishing up here in Santa Fe. Really nice day trip. Soon will wander back to the station and …

2021-09-03 Yeah the sky is so blue.

2021-09-03 New hat. Plant for scale. Lol. I’m kicking back at coffee shop and partaking if some electricity …

2021-09-03 More Santa Fe goodies.

2021-09-03 The cathedral basilica. So beautiful and peaceful.

2021-09-03 Some scenes from beautiful Santa Fe. Weather is gorgeous for wandering around. I have until about …

2021-09-03 Arrived in Santa Fe. Hungry. Huevos Rancheros. Red chili. Coffee. Traditional New Mexican breakfast. …

2021-09-03 Riding the roadrunner! Fun train system. Heading north to Santa Fe depot.

2021-09-03 Santa Fe Day Trip

2021-09-02 I’m still at at marble brewery. Because beer is cold. Waitress is nice and I’m lazy. Now I’m …

2021-09-02 Beer! At Marble Brewery. Next door to the bbq place. A thing of beauty. Soon gone then replaced. …

2021-09-02 Whole Hog bbq dinner comes around. Yum! www.wholehogcafe.com

2021-09-02 The copper horse says hello to micro.blog.

2021-09-02 pizza and printing

2021-09-02 Good morning. Down the street from the copper horse Airbnb is Bristol donuts. Nice place to stop for …

2021-09-02 Outside the restaurant yesterday was waiting for my Uber ride back to the Airbnb. Old Town is a lot …

2021-09-01 A few days in Albuquerque

2021-09-01 Small wonders on my walk today around and back to Old Town in Albuquerque. Nice day to find hidden …

2021-09-01 The incredible sopaipilla. Open up and fill with honey. Best when warm. So excuse me 😀

2021-09-01 Now the Museum of natural history and science in Albuquerque. It’s a two museum day! Wowzers! …

2021-09-01 View to a small courtyard at the museum in Albuquerque.

2021-09-01 Little scenes before my museum visit. Albuquerque is rich in small tapestries of life unfolding as …

2021-09-01 Visiting the Albuquerque museum. Free entry today. I love museums. This is the sculpture garden …

2021-09-01 Wandering old town Albuquerque for the day. Dinner somewhere later. Now coffee at Raven blues coffee …

2021-09-01 My Airbnb. Is the copper horse Airbnb. See if you can guess why.

2021-09-01 No plan plans

2021-08-31 Oh! The food! Special grilled cheese panini and some chips and salsa. And the clown car Kolsch beer. …

2021-08-31 Beer and food. Cool place. Only a stumble from the Airbnb. www.resourcebrewingco.com

2021-08-31 Flowers, waves, and fun :-)

2021-08-31 Fun to Change Travels

2021-08-31 Albuquerque On Board

2021-08-30 Wow. Some big cloud. Hello Albuquerque!

2021-08-30 Last Trip on Amtrak

2021-08-30 More of the beautiful country so well remembered from the days before. This country always seemed to …

2021-08-30 Getting to the country I used to roam around doing archeology with a bunch of other likely …

2021-08-30 Raton New Mexico. In awhile will be in Albuquerque and that finishes the Amtrak journeys. I would …

2021-08-30 Trinidad! Colorado. Land is changing to foothills and buttes. More trees. Really pretty country.

2021-08-30 Sometimes it’s miles and miles of miles and miles 😀

2021-08-30 La Junta Station. Fresh air break and crew change. Colorado calling.

2021-08-30 Lamar Colorado. Now we go.

2021-08-30 On and on this country goes. It’s a race! We cross into Colorado or already did.

2021-08-30 Southwest Chief rolling through Kansas now. Still dark out the window. Breakfast time soon.

2021-08-29 Dinner and beer, a flower, sunset along the Southwest Chief route.

2021-08-29 Good evening from the dining car. Also the beer car. We are somewhere. Not here. Not there. Rolling …

2021-08-29 Galesburg toot toot

2021-08-29 Hello Princeton station. Quick stop and then we go again.

2021-08-29 Leaving Chicago on train 3. Southwest chief. Clouds out on a show. Sleeper car engaged

2021-08-29 Next stop. Waste some hours with food, WiFi. Train leaves at 250pm. Metropolitan Lounge - Chicago …

2021-08-29 Amtrak Days

2021-08-28 My last day in Chicago meant a walk in one of the beautiful parks by Lake Michigan.

2021-08-28 From here to there - Amtrak waiting

2021-08-27 End of the day - Beers and the redline

2021-08-27 More food. At broken English taco pub. Of course more beer. Food in Chicago. Must eat. Beer in …

2021-08-27 Food. Italian hot beef sandwich. Not invented in Italy but right here. Spicy and delicious. Beer …

2021-08-27 Time for a beverage. Chicago brew house and their golden ale. So good. I think will eat here too. …

2021-08-27 Down Wacker Drive by the Loop. I’m walking some of the loop today. Beautiful Chicago summer day.

2021-08-27 Breakfast at McDonald’s and a beautiful day coming my way here in Chicago.

2021-08-27 Friday morning Chicago

2021-08-26 Chicago pizza! So good.

2021-08-26 Today Montrose Harbor and Environs

2021-08-26 When I walked to the end of the montrose harbor I got this. Now it’s a park bench in the shade.

2021-08-26 Walking along the lake. Beautiful day out. Lake Michigan looking so nice today.

2021-08-26 Lazy day at Montrose Harbor.

2021-08-26 Welcome to a Thursday in Chicago uptown

2021-08-25 Moving to Thursday in Chicago

2021-08-25 Bridge to clouds. Had a wonderful day in the big city. Now it’s dinner time at a bistro by the park. …

2021-08-25 the Chicago field museum is too big!

2021-08-25 Whoa big critters.

2021-08-25 Central hall of the Chicago field museum. So awesome!

2021-08-25 Shedd Aquarium Chicago. Right on Lake Michigan.

2021-08-25 Some pho bo and ca phe sua da. Pho is really breakfast food in Vietnam. You can get all the time but …

2021-08-25 I really liked these things from my walk yesterday downtown Chicago.

2021-08-25 Wednesday Morning and now Blue Skies

2021-08-24 Too many places in Chicago

2021-08-24 It decided to rain so I went to my neighborhood Mexican restaurant here in uptown. Chicago does …

2021-08-24 Beer and a view Chicago brew house on the river walk. I’ve reached maximum laziness for a few beers

2021-08-24 Reflections on reflections.

2021-08-24 For the birds.

2021-08-24 Old retired guy in the big city. I rode the redline to Chicago and state stop. Let’s go feet. Now …

2021-08-24 Morning Time in Chicago

2021-08-23 Walking Lake Michigan and Edgewater

2021-08-23 A block away from Lake Michigan

2021-08-23 Walking Lake Michigan.

2021-08-23 First Morning in Chicago

2021-08-23 Mornings and pancakes. Golden House restaurant. Food!

2021-08-22 Chicago Union Station where the big choo choo trains stop.

2021-08-22 Somehow it just seems right my Airbnb would be in little Vietnam in Chicago.

2021-08-22 End of the line Chicago Union station. End of the California Zephyr. I rode the entire route west to …

2021-08-22 Just for fun.

2021-08-22 At Princeton. Must be hidden. 🤔

2021-08-22 Galesburg stop. Hear the all aboard? I did. Let’s roll.

2021-08-22 Burlington Iowa. All aboard.

2021-08-22 The California Zephyr Amtrak train gives you a lot of this country

2021-08-22 Hello ottumwa Amtrak station.

2021-08-22 Welcome to Creston Iowa

2021-08-22 Good morning!

2021-08-22 Last train east

2021-08-21 Last Day in Omaha - Old Market area

2021-08-21 Today I visited the Old Market area in Omaha. Pretty cool place with lots of stores, restaurants and …

2021-08-21 Last day in Omaha

2021-08-20 Sunday is Chicago

2021-08-20 Even the street signs are all awesome looking in Omaha

2021-08-20 From then to now in Omaha

2021-08-20 bridges to know.

2021-08-20 Along the river walk in the Omaha side. I love bridges!

2021-08-20 At the Kerrey pedestrian bridge on the Omaha side. You can walk from Nebraska to Iowa. …

2021-08-20 Memories moments and experiences

2021-08-20 Good morning. We have had some rain. I’m drinking some coffee. Watching Omaha go in the mornings.

2021-08-19 Beer at Addy’s. Added bonus is 2 minute stagger to my hotel room. Omaha evenings. So beautiful. …

2021-08-19 So wow. Spent some money. Drank some beer. One of the very best steaks in memory. Thanks Omaha. …

2021-08-19 More beautiful old buildings wherever I go. Omaha is looking good. I will call this the beautiful …

2021-08-19 trains are people

2021-08-19 From the wonderful Colorado Rockies to my morning 80 some miles out of Omaha Nebraska. Good morning. …

2021-08-18 The Denver Union Station

2021-08-18 Sometimes the iPhone toy and it’s ultra wide angle lens seems so crazy and fun.

2021-08-18 The lights have it all.

2021-08-18 How the soft light makes everything seem so wondrous. Even little scenes in the Denver Amtrak …

2021-08-18 Seriously a fun toy

2021-08-18 Delays, Journals and Blogs

2021-08-18 Amtrak delayed some hours. Broken down freight train out west. It never matters traveling like this. …

2021-08-18 Stalling out with the Anker Nano II Charger

2021-08-18 last day in Denver

2021-08-17 The view down 16th street mall. So beautiful. Denver is one nice city but I got to go tomorrow. …

2021-08-17 More of the mall. Really cool walk.

2021-08-17 16th street mall in Denver is pretty cool!

2021-08-17 The USA Rail Pass on Amtrak

2021-08-16 More beer. Newcastle ale. Long time no handshake. At the ship tavern because I can stagger to the …

2021-08-16 Negro modelo beer after dinner. No picture of food. Sorry. Went too fast 🤪 lalomamexican.com

2021-08-16 Today's Wandering in Denver

2021-08-16 In the hotel elevator. don’t worry. Be happy! 😎

2021-08-16 The federal court house in Denver. Beautiful building and lots and lots of flowers.

2021-08-16 Good Morning Denver

2021-08-15 An American story

2021-08-15 End of the day at the Terminal Bar Denver union station.

2021-08-15 Denver station. Beautiful!

2021-08-15 Hello all. Approaching the end of the journey. Soon dropping down to Denver. Look for a blog post …

2021-08-15 Fraser winter park area and Danby beautiful rolling hills

2021-08-15 Glenwood canyon Colorado

2021-08-15 Next stop Glenwood Springs. The conductor will only say all aboard Once. Don’t be the person what …

2021-08-15 This retirement thing takes a lot of effort. Taking pictures is difficult. I need a blueberry muffin …

2021-08-15 Outside grand junction Colorado

2021-08-15 Rock walls and train cars. We go from here to there in Moab

2021-08-15 Navigating the path in Moab

2021-08-15 Getting closer to Grand Junction Colorado. About an hour and until that stop. I love this country. …

2021-08-15 The country changes fast out here. Amazing morning. So beautiful.

2021-08-15 The sun is gonna rise. And color these desert scapes.

2021-08-15 Good morning somewhere east of Salt Lake City. Beautiful country!

2021-08-15 Toot toot. Big train almost empty. Soon we go.

2021-08-15 Early morning at Amtrak. Going to Denver. The train will get in at about 330am. Another 25 minutes. …

2021-08-14 Let's Play Last Day

2021-08-14 Last day of wandering Salt Lake City

2021-08-14 Reflections.

2021-08-14 Wonderful blue sky and the clock telling me almost time to go meet Patrick for lunch

2021-08-14 Downtown Salt Lake City from my walk yesterday

2021-08-14 Morning times are good

2021-08-13 Second Day of Wandering Salt Lake City

2021-08-13 Friday morning in SLC

2021-08-12 Bbq. Yeah! R&R bbq Wonderful. randrbbq.com

2021-08-12 Second Amtrak ride - Reno to Salt Lake City, etc

2021-08-12 Bobcat spotted in Salt Lake City.

2021-08-12 Outside of Salt Lake City. See the morning. Light. trails. Cool beans. Love the iphone 12 pro toy.

2021-08-12 Salt Lake City Amtrak on a beautiful morning.

2021-08-12 Fresh air break in Winnemucca Nevada.

2021-08-11 Somewhat delayed but going to Salt Lake City now. Part 2 of the Amtrak adventure starts now. It …

2021-08-11 It’s too bad but I don’t feel I should go out again walking in the city today. The air quality is …

2021-08-11 It’s Mels original diner in Reno! originalmels.com

2021-08-11 Combination Day Tomorrow

2021-08-10 Today I walked to Idlewild park in Reno. Beautiful open spaces and the Truckee river wanders through …

2021-08-10 Welcome to Idlewild Park in Reno. Let the music play.

2021-08-10 Day Two - A day of walking and bad air

2021-08-09 First Day on the road - Emeryville to Reno on Amtrak Train 6

2021-08-09 She captivates me.

2021-08-09 I’ll leave you with this as my first day ends riding these rails. Outside of Truckee as the train …

2021-08-09 the river runs

2021-08-09 Truckee stop. What a nice ride!

2021-08-09 Donner Lake

2021-08-09 Up at almost the apex of the train trip across the sierras. 30 minutes from Truckee station.

2021-08-09 Another hour plus some to go. Good thing I got a MagSafe battery pack for my iPhone toy. Now we go …

2021-08-09 Riding along the rails in the Sierra

2021-08-09 Davis California Amtrak stop

2021-08-09 freight trains and amtrak share the rails

2021-08-09 Amtrak train Six

2021-08-08 More of my last day in San Francisco.

2021-08-08 Last day we n California. Tower in mist.

2021-08-08 Wonderful day seeing old friends, eating, enjoying coffee and all the great memories working and …

2021-08-08 Last day in California

2021-08-07 Television Days

2021-08-06 Day turns to night

2021-08-06 Back in the old .com days. We would gather for Linux Expos here. Three days of trade show, beer and …

2021-08-06 Looking up. Dazzling SF.

2021-08-06 Skylines in SF always impressive.

2021-08-06 At the dome in Westfield Center SF. Fun with the ultra wide camera on the iPhone 12 Pro.

2021-08-06 A pint? Maybe later.

2021-08-06 Friday with the Quill Editor

2021-08-05 Just a draft Kirin beer away

2021-08-05 The old elevator in my hotel. Cool stuff.

2021-08-05 Stroll through San Francisco this morning

2021-08-05 Breakfast at Roxannes Cafe up the hill from my hotel. Nice place. Good potatoes! I ❤️ potatoes.

2021-08-05 San Francisco Times

2021-08-04 An order to go

2021-08-04 San Francisco touches many cities with special relationships in our world.

2021-08-03 Perfect cure for Covid vaccine side effects. Drink way too much beer. My Vietnamese friends tell me …

2021-08-03 Drakes Hefeweizen at Sutters beer bar. Just a stumble from my hotel.

2021-08-03 Who like trolley cars? San Francisco got you covered. The city is doing some tourism. It’s good to …

2021-08-03 Obligatory San Francisco Pictures from waiting for my hotel room to get ready. It never matters if …

2021-08-03 almost lost in San Francisco

2021-08-03 Staying a week in SF here. Because I deserve a boutique hotel. www.palisociety.com/hotels/sa…

2021-08-03 Last Morning in Daly City

2021-08-02 Looking up today. Beautiful blue skies.

2021-08-02 Yay! Got my second Pfizer vaccine. So happy. I just wish my friends in Vietnam could get like this.

2021-08-02 A fort along the beach

2021-08-02 Today I get the second Pfizer jab! In a bit will go for pancakes again because @mikka says so :-). I …

2021-08-01 There’s this of course.

2021-08-01 Burger and blue skies. The burger was good. Blue skies in Daly City is amazing 🤓

2021-08-01 Hello Mr Pickles.

2021-08-01 Yesterday was a good day

2021-07-31 Sun Strikes Through

2021-07-31 Breakfast food fantasy realized. French toast! Nations Burgers really is the instrument to fantasy …

2021-07-31 Someone asked me what I accomplished the other day in San Francisco. I found blue skies. And cold …

2021-07-31 Morning Coffee Thoughts

2021-07-30 Bridges I have known and loved

2021-07-30 The Passenger

2021-07-29 Riding the Rails

2021-07-29 Breakfast at boulevard cafe. Daly City Biscuits and gravy, eggs and hashed browns. One of the …

2021-07-29 Charging Things

2021-07-28 Evening beers

2021-07-28 Blue skies. Cold beer. Beautiful day in San Francisco.

2021-07-28 Sometimes this is important.

2021-07-28 Dentist with a cool sign. Downtown SF.

2021-07-28 The days of beer and flowers. Downtown SF.

2021-07-28 Another San Francisco scene.

2021-07-28 Downtown in San Francisco. Wandering around by the Powell BART station.

2021-07-28 Morning Stretch

2021-07-27 Daly City with blue skies during my evening walk.

2021-07-27 Park days

2021-07-26 Coffee morning thoughts

2021-07-25 Hanoi memories. When the pagoda lit up and Hanoi was shining at night.

2021-07-25 One two. Something from my day in San Francisco the other day eating and drinking and repeating as …

2021-07-25 Sunday Morning Blogorama

2021-07-24 Food truck dinner tonight.

2021-07-23 Jeff and I. Drink more anchor steam. Ok. I only see him when I come back. Then we drink.

2021-07-23 Bay bridge. Beautiful San Francisco day.



2021-07-23 Let’s reflect.

2021-07-23 More of the same. San Francisco in a beautiful day.

2021-07-23 Wandering in San Francisco.

2021-07-22 Vietnamese food for dinner. Pho bo Kho. Beef stew pho. Have not had in awhile. This was good.

2021-07-22 Instant Coffee in the mornings rally thoughts all day long

2021-07-21 Duh. I forgot the picture. Here’s the dinner. Hormel canned chili, Cheez Its and a nectarine.

2021-07-21 Cans of Hormel Chili and Memories

2021-07-21 Coffee at Starbucks in Fremont. After lunch with my son at Olive Garden. I saw him last about 2 …

2021-07-21 Trains and Planes

2021-07-20 Doing laundry is therapeutic until I lose a sock.

2021-07-19 Little signs of wondrous life in obscure corners during my walk today.The explosion of wonderful …

2021-07-19 Pancakes bacon and coffee

2021-07-19 I decided to spend a week in Chicago half way through my train travels. Just got confirmation on the …

2021-07-18 Down Days

2021-07-17 Chang beer and Thai food in Daly City California USA. Good stuff.

2021-07-17 She walks. From Saigon some time ago. Perhaps when I visited last.

2021-07-17 Breakfast Out with Bill

2021-07-17 Shopping in Daly City

2021-07-17 Blue skies in Daly City California. Going to meet a friend for breakfast. Nice morning to walk

2021-07-15 Thursday evening

2021-07-15 Time and Distance and People and Places

2021-07-14 Today I will post all my wonderful stuff using the new micro.blog for Mac client that @manton gave …

2021-07-14 Is it true? Blue skies in Daly City California? It appears so for the first time since I’ve …

2021-07-14 Waffles! Daly City IHOP. Yum.

2021-07-14 Jet lag and vaccine blues

2021-07-13 Taco Bell and KFC. Together. One place. Had KFC in Vietnam. No Taco Bell. Time for seconds or thirds …

2021-07-13 Here’s a question for you camera people. Would you buy a slightly used Sony RX100 VII for $900? Is …

2021-07-13 Food.

2021-07-12 I’m happy! I did not come all the way back for this. But this is such a benefit. I came back because …

2021-07-12 Today is my day to get a jab in the arm. Go to pharmacy after some pancakes for breakfast almost …

2021-07-11 First things

2021-07-11 Back in California

2021-07-10 California is open! Been out today at malls and eateries. So nice to see! I’m staying in Daly City …

2021-07-10 Flying from Narita to San Francisco. It’s a 9 hour flight. I get in before I left so get a do over …

2021-07-09 I found a cafe at Narita Airport Iinternational terminal that serves beer, coffee and some food! …

2021-07-09 So this is Narita airport now. I’ll never get used to this.

2021-07-09 A sea of clouds. Somewhere over Japan now. Another hour to go and it’s Narita!

2021-07-09 Flying to Narita

2021-07-09 Sad times. This terminal used to be so busy.

2021-07-09 My life does not take much physical space. 45 liter travel bag not filled up and a north face …

2021-07-09 I enjoyed my last day of walking in Hanoi. I came home another way. Nice and quiet walk. Very …

2021-07-08 I don’t know why but I never noticed this coffee and tea house before. Very pretty place. Supreme …

2021-07-08 Vietnam memories

2021-07-08 My last bowl of Pho bo. I can have in California but nothing like where pho came from. Hanoi baby!

2021-07-08 To say goodbye!

2021-07-07 Time for another lunch

2021-07-07 Something to listen to. My night with beer on the fifth floor.l of my home here. Listening to all …

2021-07-07 Cheers to all. Huda beer from the places like Hue and Da Nang. I drank Larue beer in Hoi An because …

2021-07-07 How to travel forever

2021-07-07 Need to go back to the Hong Ngoc Hospital soon to get my covid test results. I will be done with all …

2021-07-06 Covid testing at Hong Ngoc general hospital in Hanoi. Two tests. One up the nose. The other down the …

2021-07-06 Moving along it seems

2021-07-05 Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up drinking. Cheers!

2021-07-04 Hiatus time

2021-07-02 Traveling to Places

2021-07-02 Person has to eat. Fish and chips and some draft beer. Fabrik 090 217 68 64 goo.gl/maps/4SC3…

2021-07-01 Today we did burritos, prawns, clams, salsa, pineapple and homemade guacamole and some beer. …

2021-07-01 Some bridges go on and on. Let’s go. On the other side is another Hanoi. Hanoi has wonderful …

2021-06-30 Coffee shop in Hanoi is where I am now.

2021-06-30 A banh mi once lived there. But now it’s gone to my tummy 😃

2021-06-30 Leaving here; going there

2021-06-30 I’ve been blessed by so many evening walks by west lake in Hanoi.

2021-06-30 Wonderful Vietnamese food from Hue Vietnam region. My friend Van took food to our home for lunch. …

2021-06-29 There I go

2021-06-28 Leaving Vietnam on 9 July

2021-06-28 Out walking. Evening time. The presidential palace is all lit up. Church is always beautiful, my …

2021-06-28 Taking a break by the lake.

2021-06-27 seeing Sunny when its sunny

2021-06-27 Sunset some time ago Hanoi Vietnam

2021-06-27 hamburgers in Hanoi

2021-06-27 I love sunsets too

2021-06-27 The trees and the sky. Today is simply beautiful in Hanoi. Sitting in a park wondering what do the …

2021-06-26 A year ago at Hoan Kiem lake. We went for pizza but I had some time to walk the lake. This …

2021-06-26 My addiction. Sunday morning with nothing to do and spending it all at a local coffee house

2021-06-26 Breakfast at the corner noodle place. Some Bun Oc. Add the red sauce for a nice kick.

2021-06-26 Raining and Dinner

2021-06-26 A few things out almost to the old quarter. A railroad bridge and a little scene I liked for some …

2021-06-26 Indian food tonight and then the rain started and the wind came up. And I got so wet. So happy. Feel …

2021-06-26 Dinner by the lake. Indian food will come soon. Draft beer is here now. Is Hanoi beautiful or what.

2021-06-26 Hahahaha

2021-06-26 Lazy days. Now for something cold at Highlands. Beautiful summer day in Hanoi. Highlands Cofee …

2021-06-25 Latte at Paris Baguette. Regular pastry and coffee stop. Today is Saturday? Wowzers! Happy weekend …

2021-06-25 Evening beer interlude

2021-06-25 Some things seem today when I wandered around in Hanoi. Nothing ventured. Everything gained.

2021-06-24 Little corner at the busy local coffee house. Time for Hanoi coffee. I usually go for pho and then …

2021-06-24 Let there be pho bo. First pho in weeks for me. Now restaurants open in Hanoi. I can enjoy the …

2021-06-24 RSS Stuff

2021-06-24 When the day is done. I did nothing. But I really did it good! Truc Bach beer and left over pizza.

2021-06-23 Slowing down

2021-06-23 Morning in the coffee shop next door. Two tables. No waiting. Lots of smiles and welcomes. Local …

2021-06-22 When it rains in Vietnam

2021-06-22 Bia Hoi fantasies. We got restaurants and coffee shops open for dining in. Barber shops open. Street …

2021-06-22 Evening starts. Sky turns. Birds sing. Motorbikes get mad. Hanoi forever in summer.

2021-06-21 When in doubt just 333. Cheap beer. A can may cost 14k VND. That’s about $.60 USD. OK. I’m a cheap …

2021-06-20 Remembering Dad

2021-06-20 Warm out. Strawberry yoghurt from street stall. Hey Hanoi! Xin Chao!

2021-06-20 Hanoi shines this morning.

2021-06-19 My Kindle Goes where I go most times

2021-06-19 I love living in Hanoi.

2021-06-19 When I walk to ⭕️ K for Vietnamese sua da or iced coffee with milk (I am addicted( I see this …

2021-06-19 Love the west lake sunsets in Hanoi

2021-06-19 One of those Hanoi nights. Everyone goes to west lake when the sun decides to exit.

2021-06-18 Could not get there from here

2021-06-18 A mural by a school in Hanoi.

2021-06-18 Does someone need one of these? Hanoi has plenty of everything.

2021-06-18 Down some street in black and white in Hanoi. This could be in Ba Dinh. One of my favorite places

2021-06-18 Hello from the decorated Truc Bach neighborhood in Hanoi! Many lanterns and posters plus art work …

2021-06-18 sometimes memory need a kick. www.youtube.com/watch

2021-06-17 Times are getting exciting for startups in Vietnam. So excited to be launching mine in the next …

2021-06-17 walking to my home in Hanoi

2021-06-17 Back to this place :-)

2021-04-01 New laptop and writing

2021-03-31 Lets get a MacBook Air m1

2021-03-31 morning meditations

2021-03-30 cold beer adventures

2021-03-30 growing old in America

2021-03-28 End of the day

2021-03-28 Mask mandate

2021-03-28 Moving to the times

2021-03-27 Dinner out

2021-03-27 Morning times

2021-03-26 Day of the mobile

2021-03-26 Last of the day

2021-03-25 Coffee time

2021-03-25 Keep your light

2021-03-25 My place

2021-03-24 Morning mobile

2021-03-23 Creating content on Thursday

2021-03-21 Good evening

2021-03-21 It’s a Tuesday morning after my landlady told me,

2021-03-18 Find a place

2021-03-17 Walking for fun and no profit

2021-03-15 Another day...

2021-03-15 Second day in can tho

2021-03-14 View from 6th floor

2021-03-14 street cafe sights

2021-03-13 Can Tho days!

2021-03-13 Traveling today north to south

2021-03-11 Dinner tonight is Indian food

2021-03-11 Sketching Notes

2021-03-10 From walking to beer

2021-03-10 Off to Mekong Delta in a few days

2021-03-09 Evening starts arriving

2021-03-09 You know when...

2021-03-08 Gentle breezes

2021-03-07 Writing along on write.as

2021-03-06 Morning Coffee

2021-03-02 Lazy Days...

2021-03-01 Morning is best with pho

2021-02-28 Morning pancakes and cats

2021-02-26 Rainy Spring Morning

2021-02-26 Retirement anniversary

2021-02-24 Red stunning

2021-02-24 Sitting not thinking

2021-02-23 The little cafe in Truc Bach

2021-02-22 Mornings at the lake

2021-02-22 Time to think

2021-02-21 Days meant for walking

2021-02-20 End of another nameless day

2021-02-19 Coffee and Hanoi Spring

2021-02-18 Getting back to writing

2021-02-18 ‘‘Twas the night before tmo

2021-02-16 Year 2 in Vietnam

2021-02-15 Things my Mom told me...

2021-02-13 A day of wonder. A night of lights

2021-02-11 Giving thanks amid memories

2021-02-10 Happy Tet or Lunar New Year

2021-02-09 Work in progress

2020-12-27 2021 around some corner

2020-12-27 Hanoi now

2020-12-25 Sunday morning in blog time

2020-12-24 Day after Christmas

2020-12-23 Christmas blog post

2020-12-21 Blogging Energy

2020-12-19 Good evening Hanoi!

2020-12-18 Coffee times

2020-12-17 Best of times

2020-12-16 New plans are to stay in Vietnam

2020-12-15 Good morning

2020-12-15 My second day in Can Tho

2020-12-14 Wonderful evening!

2020-12-13 Birthday comes along

2020-12-11 Morning Coffee, birds singing, moments plenty

2020-12-10 Saturday Mornings

2020-12-08 Going to Can Tho

2020-12-07 A reflection

2020-12-07 Resurrecting here

2020-11-27 Changes and on

2020-11-23 What Roscoe asked...

2020-11-22 Some changes for the blog

2020-11-18 Walking home last night

2020-11-17 Beer and a lake

2020-11-17 Distance and People

2020-11-16 Back to blue skies

2020-11-15 Evening in Tay Ho district Hanoi

2020-11-15 Tuesday morning things

2020-11-13 Rainy and cool Sunday arrives

2020-11-12 To Saturday and beyond

2020-11-11 Here’s where we go

2020-11-10 Visas and passports

2020-11-09 Hanoi Coffee and Banh Mi

2020-11-08 Defining the probable

2020-11-08 More of the tourist in me

2020-11-07 Leaving Asia in January

2020-11-06 Sunday in Hanoi

2020-11-05 Alas Facebook I did know ye... just not well

2020-11-05 The old bike

2020-11-04 Lunch and coffee out

2020-11-02 Always time when time is not real

2020-11-02 This old cart

2020-11-01 Memories and Moments

2020-10-31 Morning draped in fog

2020-10-30 Sweeping my room

2020-10-29 Three month visa extension

2020-10-28 Laziness on a Friday

2020-10-26 Hanoi, Halloween and the moments

2020-10-25 Ten Years of writing a Journal

2020-10-24 Writing here and there

2020-10-23 Sunday at the lake

2020-10-23 Writing on micro.blog

2020-10-22 Saturday and Sunday

2020-10-21 A Friday Reprised

2020-10-20 Good morning Thursday!

2020-10-18 Back home in Hanoi

2020-10-17 Finals of the little wandering

2020-10-17 Flooding in can tho

2020-10-16 First day of exploring

2020-10-16 Second day in the city

2020-10-15 Enter Can Tho

2020-10-14 Moving on to the Mekong Delta

2020-10-13 Day 3 beckons

2020-10-13 Interlude in Vietnam

2020-10-12 Second day ahoy

2020-10-11 To Quy Nhon and Beyond

2020-10-09 Getting ready for a week away

2020-10-08 In real time

2020-10-07 Autumn days in Hanoi

2020-10-07 Beautiful Hanoi evening

2020-10-06 Heading back to Hanoi

2020-10-05 Day two in Hue

2020-10-05 End of my day

2020-10-04 When life is good

2020-10-03 On the way to Hue

2020-10-02 Sunday Hanoi Style

2020-10-01 News about international travel and some Vietnam travel fun

2020-09-30 Small places

2020-09-28 Trip to the Thanh Long Imperial Citadel

2020-09-27 Tuesday in Hanoi

2020-09-26 Trip to Hue Vietnam next week

2020-09-24 Evening comes to be

2020-09-23 Blogging Resumes

2020-09-20 Moving on

2020-09-20 Update of sorts

2020-09-15 Short trips

2020-09-15 Wednesday beers

2020-09-11 Sunday is easy

2020-09-10 Evening this way

2020-09-10 Finding the lost

2020-09-09 At the lake

2020-09-08 Burgers and blogs

2020-09-08 November or February I leave

2020-09-07 Morning at the bakery

2020-09-06 Finishing up with beer and pizza

2020-09-05 Rainy morning and coffee

2020-09-04 Life in a mural

2020-09-04 Yesterday’s adventures

2020-09-03 Friday Dinner with friends

2020-09-03 Saturday in September

2020-09-02 Evening beer and food

2020-09-02 Friday in Hanoi

2020-09-01 Writing here

2020-08-31 Tuesday night catching up

2020-08-31 Wednesday for me

2020-08-30 Tuesday morning Hanoi time

2020-08-29 New week here

2020-08-29 Retired gentleman of leisure seen in Hanoi

2020-08-28 Note taking, writing, and second brains

2020-08-27 Morning coffee and thoughts

2020-08-26 A rainy day writing prompt

2020-08-26 Morning coffee time

2020-08-25 After the sunset

2020-08-25 Hazy late summer days

2020-08-24 August finishing up

2020-08-24 Evening view by Truc Bach Lake in hanoi

2020-08-23 Cambodia changes visa laws a bit

2020-08-22 How Drafts 5 on iOS becomes the hub

2020-08-21 Writing for me

2020-08-20 Another day in Hanoi

2020-08-20 Saturday comes along

2020-08-19 The day wandering

2020-08-18 Late August in Hanoi

2020-08-17 Hanoi beer time

2020-08-17 Visas and Changes

2020-08-16 Pretty buildings in Hanoi

2020-08-16 Six Months in Vietnam

2020-08-16 Tuesday goings on

2020-08-15 Day before tomorrow

2020-08-14 Drafts app, Bear, Day One

2020-08-13 Walking in Hanoi

2020-08-12 Small town Hanoi

2020-08-10 Morning coffee and shades of meaning

2020-08-09 Walking in the summer rain

2020-08-08 Visa Time in Hanoi

2020-08-07 The sun claimed

2020-08-06 More months in Vietnam and other things

2020-08-05 Here today and tomorrow could be

2020-08-04 Morning Coffee and Hanoi Rain

2020-08-03 The Flow Zone walking

2020-08-02 Writing as the days go by

2020-08-01 Slowing Down in Hanoi

2020-07-30 Going from things to moments

2020-07-26 New Hat Old Guy

2020-07-25 Cambodia Dreams

2020-07-23 Friday Night Takes

2020-07-21 Five Years Later

2020-07-20 Photography and Blogging Fun

2020-07-18 Changes and Rearranges

2020-07-16 Old Retired Guy Photography and Vagabonding

2020-07-14 Little Vagabonds here and there

2020-07-04 Finding the New and the Changed

2020-07-03 Day Three in Da Nang

2020-07-02 Day Two in Da Nang

2020-06-30 Places to go, things to see

2020-06-28 Finding a New Edge

2020-06-27 Vietnam 2020 Vagabonding

2020-06-24 Chapter 2.5 - the why of the edge

2020-06-24 Chapter 3 - It’s the Quality

2020-06-23 Chapter Two - the how of the edge

2020-06-22 Chapter 1.5 - It’s March 1st 2018

2020-06-21 Chapter one - beginning times

2020-06-19 All came out in the wash...

2020-06-18 Maybe Changes

2020-06-16 Hanoi day to night

2020-06-12 Getting to One - Day One

2020-06-09 Bear Notes and Day One diaries

2020-06-08 An escape

2020-06-04 Saturday morning Hanoi style

2020-06-02 Saigon and the saga of beer and the stolen iPhone 11

2020-05-28 Friday 29 May 2020

2020-05-25 It’s the beer talking

2020-05-22 Sunday morning in Hanoi

2020-05-19 Stories to Tell

2020-05-18 From the US to Vietnam with FedEx

2020-05-16 Bringing it all to here

2020-05-14 To Tay Ho I go

2020-05-13 The value of Meditation

2020-05-10 Third week of Yoga

2020-05-08 Travel Dreams

2020-05-05 Vietnamese Coffee to start

2020-05-03 Catching up in Hanoi

2020-04-29 Simplifying

2020-04-27 Let’s pretend

2020-04-25 Monday Morning in Hanoi

2020-04-21 Mindfulness matters

2020-04-21 Vietnam ends enhanced social distancing

2020-04-19 Meditation considerations

2020-04-18 Unleashing the day in daily

2020-04-13 April 15th post

2020-04-10 Morning Rain

2020-04-09 Reading, Writing

2020-04-08 Catching up on things in Hanoi

2020-04-05 A week left...

2020-04-04 Staying in Vietnam or going to Cambodia

2020-04-03 Sunday blog post

2020-04-02 Hanoi self distancing thoughts

2020-03-31 Two weeks at home

2020-03-28 Away from coronavirus blog post

2020-03-27 Day to day life when Hanoi shuts down

2020-03-25 Hanoi will close down

2020-03-23 New Day Dawns

2020-03-22 Vietnam Locked Down

2020-03-21 Back to Hanoi

2020-03-19 Moments Enough To Do

2020-03-07 As the photography turns

2020-03-06 Coronavirus and Hanoi

2020-03-04 Wonderful Days of Naught

2020-03-01 My Hanoi - beautiful building at night

2020-02-29 Passport times

2020-02-27 On the Vagabond trail

2020-02-26 My Hanoi in blogposts and images

2020-02-24 The old building

2020-02-23 The days of incredible lightness

2020-02-22 Mornings in Hanoi

2020-02-17 Hanoi Vietnam beckons

2020-02-15 San Francisco goes

2020-02-10 Journals, Blogs, Notes, Diaries and More

2020-02-06 Moving along

2020-02-02 Along the Rails

2020-02-02 Amtrak Tales

2020-01-31 Five Days in Orlando

2020-01-26 One day in San Antonio Texas

2020-01-24 When I Walk

2020-01-20 Leaving for Texas

2020-01-15 Hello San Francisco

2020-01-13 Volcanoes and Flight Changes

2020-01-11 Leaving the Edge

2020-01-09 Getting from Here to There

2020-01-06 Only me standing

2020-01-05 Changes are good

2020-01-02 Saigon Beers

2019-12-29 December 31st, Kuala Lumpur

2019-12-25 Its the Mike 2019 Retrospective or some such nonsense blog post

2019-12-23 Christmas 2019 - KL Malaysia

2019-12-22 Exit Manila

2019-12-18 Manila retrospective

2019-12-13 End of 4 Cities in 4 Weeks in Taiwan

2019-12-11 My Days Wind Down, Creation and Cells

2019-12-10 Notes and Journals

2019-12-07 iPhone Photography - Halide and Darkroom

2019-12-06 Sunday Memories

2019-12-04 Coffee in Tainan on a Rainy Day

2019-12-01 Tainan Arrivals

2019-11-29 Sunday 1 December Blog Post

2019-11-28 Few weeks left in Taiwan

2019-11-22 Expirations, Details, Moments

2019-11-21 The best travel camera

2019-11-20 Fun with the iPhone 11 toy

2019-11-19 Today earlier was this

2019-11-18 The Balcony Blog Post on Wednesday

2019-11-17 Hsinchu Confidential and iPhone Photography Updates

2019-11-17 Transit Taipei to Hsinchu

2019-11-15 Taipei end of days

2019-11-14 Last weekend in Taipei

2019-11-10 Coffee Mornings

2019-11-08 iPhone 11 photography updates

2019-11-06 Down time

2019-11-05 Thursday touching Taipei

2019-11-04 Here we go...

2019-11-01 Any time works

2019-10-29 A day spent doing little

2019-10-27 Life In Colors

2019-10-25 Sunday Morning

2019-10-24 Moving to Taipei Downtown

2019-10-22 Moments in Taipei today

2019-10-21 Breakfast time

2019-10-20 Smaller moments lead onward

2019-10-19 Less and More - My perspective on losing and gaining

2019-10-19 New Taipei City Days

2019-10-17 Transit times

2019-10-16 Friday Thoughts - Coffee shops and dazzling Saigon

2019-10-14 No place to be...

2019-10-12 A view from the Saigon River

2019-10-12 Monday Mornings

2019-10-10 Little things...

2019-10-09 Time to go

2019-10-08 Time for a Latte

2019-10-05 Around Each Place there are Moments

2019-10-04 Last week in Phnom Penh

2019-10-02 The iPhone 11 — the phone you may love

2019-09-30 Deal the best you can

2019-09-28 Stories by the Numbers

2019-09-24 Being back in Phnom Penh Cambodia

2019-09-20 Final Transition Things from Wordpress to Here_

2019-09-20 Luang Prabang photos

2019-09-20 Welcome to the new place