Thanksgiving dinner 2021


Choo choo!

Channeling the Instant Coffee

First off thanks to TMO for the email wishing me a happy Thanksgiving! I’m enjoying reading your blog. Also many thanks to Mikka for being the blogger and wiki-er that he is. Is wiki-er even a word? I dunno. But Thanksgiving is a good day to give thanks to people out there and what they do. My friend Paul and the Boss in Hanoi will be celebrating their holiday with friends and a dinner at their home.

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Cheers! Happy day from PV.

Writing these last years

It seems writing these last years has been a declaration of love and frustration and sometimes both at the same time. What I have wanted with the words was to track a thing. My thing slowly moving from moment to moment, memory to memory, experience to experience. I was never taken with time and how blogs want everything in some chronological order nor was I taken with books and they want things in some other order.

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From Puerto Vallarta to Merida

In about two weeks, I get to slowly move to my next place. Pretty excited about the movement. I talked with my airbnb hosts yesterday about Merida and they think I will really love it there just not as much as PV. Hahaha! I think it comes down to a single thing. I ain’t never been there before There are other things too. The place has over 10 museums!

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Mornings and Coffee and Memories

I ended up getting peacefully drunk last night at home and fell asleep early but not before we started a WhatsApp Group chat with friends in Vietnam in two different cities. My L lives in Can Tho and Paul and the Boss live in Hanoi but they know each other so seeing L call Paul Uncle Paul was a treat! We did not really chat that much after I decided I wanted Boss to chat with us.

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Three beers. One sunset. Priceless