scam calls and messages

It looks like I am in legal trouble. Hello, this message is from legal department to notify you that we have received a legal notice on your name sir. To find more information, press one or stay on the line. I’m sure they wlll be happy to know I blocked their number on google voice. These will pick up now that social security has announced the cost of living adjustment for 2022.

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Views of things walking to Calmate Cafe. Nice place to ease into Saturday. The walk has little scenes I love to find.

nice but let’s fix social security.

What is still needed is comprehensive social security legislation. We will get the largest COLA adjustment perhaps ever but the program faces issues in the 2030s. Seniors should get dental and vision coverage.…

Roosters talking

Mornings here before the sun are little cacophonies of sounds. Sitting in my room I feel away from it since that one bird whatever it is singing it’s plaintive sound is separated by glass. So I move out to the balcony. The roosters have a gang. The dog barks from somewhere. Then the bird says, Who oo. Who oo. Who oo Like a melancholy heart finding their love is not there.

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nice day

Dark clouds moved in today. Wonderful cool weather but no rain. We had Chinese for dinner tonight after I met my housemate J by accident at the park I love to read at. We strolled back home. Talked. It is nice to have someone to talk to. Other times I prefer solitude. Today I was grateful to have both.

On the way home. Wherever I look I see food.

This is my Friday post

Sorry but today is Friday so I decided to have a Friday post. Today I actually have a chore to do. I must do laundry. The house has a free washer and dryer to use. All I must provide is soap. It takes a few hours to get the chore done. I could go down the street to a laundry service and turn in my stuff and get it back later but why?

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Living in some slow lane

I think today I put my arm out the window and moved to the extremely slow lane. First I just sat around my room with a nice cookie and banana with room coffee and did not consider, think, wonder, feel, emote. Then my Airbnb housemate suggested we go do tacos down the street. This seemed like a wonderful idea since I was feeling kinda hungry. The street tacos are so good at our local taco stand.

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Have a beautiful day. Courtesy of Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Dinner. The Day Off Burger at Day Off Bar in PV. Yum.