my park bench

Awhile ago I had some fun with google maps when I lived in Hanoi. I was sitting one day by Truc Bach Lake after getting a ca phe sua da at circle ⭕️ K. The lake was particularly beautiful. So I found this particular bench. It seemed lonely so I acquired it on google maps. Cool eh? I had completely forgotten until my friend P asked about a certain Korean bbq place so I searched on google maps for him.

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Beautiful days along the beach.

Hello from Puerto Vallarta. Brought to you by the letters P and V and a 😊

Pancakes and bacon at El Andareigo. Yep! Yum!

A year ago December 15th. My Birthday in Can Tho Vietnam with dear friends. Next to me is my lily. Then Anh and Tran. We ate and drank and ate some more. Hard to believe a year ago.

Sunday morning with Ulysses

Sometimes sitting with the morning coffee in Puerto Vallarta I’m seeing my morning just go by so slowly. Sun rising and the room coffee all ready to go. It is quiet on Sunday mornings here. A lot of businesses do not open and my regular breakfast spots are closed so I will head to another place but will go fashionably late because. Just because. This is called the High Season here and there are the tourists coming in increasing numbers plus there are the sunbirds.

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connections. Sweet sweet connections.

This evening my housemate J and I went to eat. We had to find a second place since it appeared the first place would not be open. We went to a little burger and beer bar down the street. The burgers were so good and the bacon! I love bacon! So we stayed and talked and then walked home. By then the first choice was open. Lol. Getting back I got a few WhatsApp messages from Vietnam.

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writing on ghost

I have this bit of longer form writing I’ve been doing for awhile now. I don’t really have something to show but I wanted to mention that ghost provides a really nice platform while allowing one to self host. The basic functionality I want is to be able to add custom groups called collections which will create cool containers for the writing. I also want to publish from Ulysses which works quite well.

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Cambodia calling

Suddenly Cambodia has opened completely. The requirements if fully vaccinated: Covid quick test on arrival Forte Covid insurance purchased in Cambodia or before Tourist visa online approved and granted One year retirement extension for $280 There are no quarantine times and no deposit like before. Flights are opening up. I can go for $600 or so one way. It used to be one could not get visa extensions like the retirement or business extension on the tourist visa.

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Fei Long restaurant. Good Chinese food in puerto Vallarta. Had kung pao chicken, spring rolls and steamed rice. Very nice! Lots of food.