The Woolworth store! Has some of everything. Good prices too.

From the taco stand down a few blocks. Wonderful fresh tortillas and these are with asada. There are two salsas. The picante is red. Hot! The green is less. Nice! Both are good. Next door to the stand is an oxxo store.

Taking the long way on the short walk

Have you ever decided to take the long way on the day's walk? Today I decided because it was so beautiful to walk another way to reach the place or places I enjoy walking each day. The walk was down some streets I have not walked before. I found little cafes and taco places. I'm never surprised to find taco places here but I really liked the little coffee places and desayunos.

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This is your throne. Take a seat

Here comes the sun

Morning here and the days start out beautiful. Coffee and moments spent in no particular endeavor. Last night was particularly enjoyable for dinner. My new friend J and I walked down the Malecon and then just decided to stop at Serranos Meat House and enjoyed a dinner together. Then we walked slowly back looking at all the food vendors, people out enjoying the evening, and particularly how the rainy evening had softened and cooled the air.

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Out for dinner this evening with my friend J. We stopped to take pictures of sunset along the Malecon. So beautiful after some rain.

Taco Mornings

This morning I decided to be lazy as though I need to make any decision to do that. I sat around until I got hungry and then obeyed the desire. The desire said, tacos. You must have tacos Who am I to argue. Down the street and a left turn there is a street taco stand run by two very nice ladies. I get in line. People smile at me and say hola and buenos tardes.

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Almost halfway here

I left for puerto Vallarta on 10 September. Initially I planned on two months here with no idea of the next thing. I decided a few weeks ago to extend my stay to three months. The times here have been a delightful mix of daily walking, doing my own yoga and meditation thing, food, beer and a wonderful room to call home. I wanted something different from December to March so Merida became interesting.

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Wringing the words

I've spent the last days getting some old posts on These cover three years of crap I had written about wandering all around Southeast Asia and beyond. It took a few days to go back and add in the images and fix some issues with the posts that were imported. The finale is that the blog now has those posts. I think that's a good thing. When I came to micro.

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Coffee and Cambodia

There is a lot of news and speculation what Cambodia will do in the next days as far as reopening all segments of the economy including welcoming vaccinated travelers back. There are a few expat forum sites which cover the news and the time is getting close to when they decide. Cambodia has really achieved in a significant way with vaccination efforts across their country. It would be interesting to see them open before year's end but I really think it will be starting next year.

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